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HashGuardians — arriving on the Cardano Blockchain

HashGuardians — arriving on the Cardano Blockchain

Greetings to all the HashGuardians enthusiasts out there! We will be revealing more information about our ideas and future steps for the HashGuardians ecosystem and pre-sale in the next coming weeks.

A few weeks ago, we released the first preview of our HashGuardians collectibles and were met with astonishing demand.

We want to welcome all our new followers on Twitter and members on Discord, and thank you all for supporting our project!

We hope this medium article will help clarify some questions that people have been having about the HashGuardians.

HashGuardians 2021

About HashGuardians

HashGuardians is an NFT collectible on the Cardano blockchain. There will be 10,000 unique HashGuardians to collect (see more details below). Each HashGuardian is an on-chain minted NFT that is only owned by you. If you are new in the NFT world or have questions about HashGuardians, feel free to ask us anything on Discord or Twitter.

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Discord — HashGuardians

A total of 9.800 HashGuardians, divided into 8 different types (Western, Fantasy, Cyberpunks etc.), will be available in the pre-sale in a few weeks. An additional 200 Golden Tickets NFTs will be minted and distributed for partners, future giveaways, and test drops. (See more details below)

Different Types, Different Rarities

  • Types of Species: We will create different randomized types of species (Western, Fantasy, Cyberpunks etc.)
  • Types of Gadgets: A huge number of different gadgets for every species await you (Weapons, Shields, Helmets etc.)
  • Types of Backgrounds: There are many different types of backgrounds with different rarities and artworks.

HashGuardians 2021

About Golden Tickets

The Golden ticket is our way to say THANK YOU to the community.

They are our first ever officially minted NFTs and we will distribute them in future giveaways, partner programs, and test drops. We decided to set the number of tickets to a fixed amount of 200 and will never be minted again. We will publish the policy publicly after minting is done.

The Golden Ticket is an exclusive NFT (#01-#200) that can be redeemed at any time after the pre-sale has started. And of course, you could always choose to hang on to it as a memento of an early piece of HashGuardians history.

The only other way to attain a Golden Ticket is by trading for it through open marketplaces like CNFT or CardanoNFT.

Like the Golden tickets themselves, the HashGuardians will also be NFTs that can be sold, traded and collected.

Have Questions? Join the conversation!

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Stay tuned for more exciting news, and thank you for your support!