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Expanded Universe

The Rangers collection is the first expansion of the HashGuardians Universe, launched in partnership with World Mobile Token in December of 2022.  Rangers bridge the gap between utility and high-quality art collectables.

Rangers are a hybrid collection – bridging the gap between a high-quality art and the pure gameplay focus of our playable characters. As such, Rangers are designed to be a complimentary collection, filling in the gaps and bringing the HashGuardians Universe to an expanded community of collectors.  

Backed by the utility of our gaming platform, Rangers unlock increased rewards and benefits in the HashGuardians Universe.  Independently, Rangers have the ability to access regular HashCoin rewards and the benefits of our community-based Quanta content, but their maximum utility will be reached when they are paired alongside our HashGuardians playable characters. 

Launched in partnership with World Mobile Token, Wildcat Rangers feature the first ever WMT character traits on any blockchain.  This unique collectable brings the WMT community to life in a brand new way, and each Wildcat Ranger features exclusive traits, creating a unique blend of two of Cardano’s historic businesses.

Like our HashGuardian playable characters, Wildcat Rangers are split into species from the eight Core Worlds.  This gives them a direct link to our characters, a connection that may prove to be quite important in the future.

High-quality, high-resolution artwork featuring the first World Mobile Token character NFTs.

Traits, rarity, and utility building upon the foundation of the HashGuardians Universe game.

A backstory weaving in and out of the HashGuardians Universe gameplay.

The perfect complement to the HashGuardian playable characters collection.