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Down the Rabbit Hole — A Holiday Surprise

Down the Rabbit Hole — A Holiday Surprise

Aloha friends and future HashGuardians!

It’s time we finally figure out what is at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Well, perhaps not completely at the bottom, but this has long been one of the mysteries associated with our discord server. In fact, I’m not sure any other question has been asked more:

“What does a silver ticket get me?”
“What are the silver tickets?”
“Do silver tickets have a use?”

And a personal favorite:

“Just bought a silver ticket — cos why not. What does it actually do?”

This questions was first asked on May 26th, and has been answered hundreds of times since then. If fact, rumor has it the silver ticket questions were behind our beloved community manager AdAxVaDeR creating the auto-answer bot for our discord. Sending new players to the bot for answers was just easier than telling them, “Silver Tickets were testing items and have no use at the moment — but might in the future!” It seems simple enough, but as our community can attest, the questions got old pretty quickly!

Well today is the day…it’s finally time to pull back the curtain and unravel the mystery of the HashGuardians Silver Ticket!

The story of the Silver Tickets starts with the original test mint of the HashGuardians minting machine in May 2021. The Silver Ticket was our first NFT, created as a community stress test prior to the main HashGuardians mint. As many of you might remember, we put a lot of effort into creating a very unique reveal system for our HashGuardians mint. This system was completely unique to CNFTs at the time and required extensive testing on our end. Some of us can still hear the silvery notes of the beloved HashGuardians theme playing while we watched our Guardians be revealed!

Anyway, back to the test mint. At this point, HashGuardians was truly in its infancy. There was neither a roadmap nor any game relevant information published. All we had was a discord server, our name, a basic website, and a group of enthusiastic, CNFT-hungry folks that somehow stumbled onto our project.

We asked the community for help testing our system, “Just send a few ADA to the address and we will mint you a Silver Ticket!” The ADA went into a community prize pool, and the tickets were used as entries into a Golden Ticket raffle. And that was that. Our amazing community trusted us enough to participate in the test mint, and a few lucky winners won the ADA jackpot and Golden Ticket drawings.

It’s hard to imagine that it has only been 6 months since those first mints, but we would not be here today without such an amazing community. Thank you again to all of our supporters, old and new alike.

Now it’s time again for us to give something back to our community, and especially to those that took an extra chance on us along the way. Some participated in the test mint of an unproven project, and some folks just believed in us enough to buy a Silver Ticket from the secondary market without knowing if they would ever be useful.

Rewarding our loyal supporters is something that we take very seriously. The HashBoxes we discussed in our last article are an example of this; HashCoins are another. And now we can add Silver Tickets to the list.

If we (as a development team) win, our community should be winning as well. This is our motto, and it will continue to guide us as a team, business, and community.

So — for the last time — what are Silver Tickets good for?!

Silver Tickets are lifetime free mint passes for any HashGuardians related NFT drops.

LIFETIME. FREE. MINT. You read that correctly!

How will it work?

By holding a Silver Ticket NFT in your wallet (the same one linked to your account on our website), you will get a free mint for each upcoming HashGuardians related drop.

Prior to each future mint, we will take a snapshot of connected wallets (similar to what is done each month for HashCoins). This will be used to assign the free mints to Silver Ticket owners.

This also means that owning a Silver Ticket will effectively whitelist you for a free mint for any HashGuardians drop. No need to worry about missing the drop or not getting an NFT due to high demand. Your free NFT will be secured as long as your Silver Ticket is in a connected wallet prior to the Silver Ticket snapshot. Goodbye FOMO!!

Once minting starts, you will only need to pay the Cardano transaction fees needed to claim and transfer the free NFT to your wallet.

But what if I have more than one?

The math is simple! Each Silver Ticket owned will reserve a free NFT for every HashGuardians related drop — for life!!

1 Silver Ticket = 1 Free Claim per HashGuardians Mint

2 Silver Tickets = 2 Free Claims per HashGuardians Mint

5 Silver Tickets = 5 Free Claims per HashGuardians Mint

And So on…

As 2021 comes to a close, it has truly been an amazing year for the HashGuardians team, and we hope we have been able to share that with our community. We have been working very hard to build up a strong foundation for the HashGuardians Universe, and you all, the wonderful members of our community, are a major part of that progress. Thank you again, each and every one of you! It really makes our work easy to be surround with such an amazing group of supporters.

2022 will kick off with the Pre-Alpha HashBox mint and move quickly along from there!

Until then, we wish you happy holidays and a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones. Happy New Year to all!

-Team HashGuardians-

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