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HashGuardians Universe MAIN DROP!

HashGuardians Universe MAIN DROP!

We know you have been waiting for this for a while now.

First of all we want to say THANK YOU for the amazing support! Some golden tickets found a new home on the secondary market and the support on the two test drop was phenomenal.


Thanks again.

So mark your calendars, check your timezone and set the alarms because the HASHGUARDIANS MAINDROP is close.

Dont forget a HASHGUARDIANS NFT is the only entry into the upcoming HASHGUARDIANS UNIVERSE (more infos below)


The HashGuardians MAIN DROP will start on JUNE 04 2021 at 22:00 CEST !

  • The MAINDROP includes 9,800 uniqe NFT´s (more infos below)
  • Recommended wallets (DaedalusYoroi , AdAlite)


  • Pricing : flat 44 ADA

HashGuardians 2021

Lets share some thoughts about the DROP

Like the most of you know from our interview on the CNFT server our TEAM was deeply involved in the cryptospace and the NFT world way before CARDANO NFTs started to shine.

We have witnessed many NFT projects on different chains like EthereumBinance etc. including different sale and drop systems.

So its been a wild ride and we have had many inspiring discussions about how the HashGuardians should be sold to create a fair eco-system around the HashGuardians universe.

Just a few insights : The first idea after we saw how other projects managed their sales is to set up a classic bonding curve for example 10 ADA/20 ADA/30ADA… like the most projects.

This would benefit the early supporters with low prices and make it more profitable on the secondary market. But there are many negative effects on a bonding curve (FOMO RAMP)

Thats the main reason why we decided to drop each HASHGUARDIAN for a flat price of 44 ADA

The key word is FAIR DISTRIBUTION for the Cardano community and NFT Collectors all around the world. So all of you shoud be able to grab a uniqe HashGuardian for the same price and follow us into the Hashguardians universe. The future will be great!

We as a Team believe in the future of Hashguardians and the support we got from you guys showed us that we are in the right spot.

– FLAT 44 ADA –

HashGuardians Universe

Lets share some thoughts about the future of the HASHGUARDIANS UNIVERSE.

Like it rumored in some Discord channels and Twitter, YES HashGuardians are going to be gamified NFT´s.

They will have utility in the future for the upcoming HashGuardians GAME and next drops.

We also include a staking stystem for the HashGuardians were holders can benefit as well.

Like we said on top of the article a Hashguardian NFT is the only way to be a part of the amazing HashGuardian Universe.

As a holder of a Hashguardian NFT u will be able to join future HashGuardians related dropsevents and for sure the game!!

We are deeply involved into the NFT space. You can be sure we have a lot planed to benefit HashGuardian holders in the future.

Thats our way to say THANK YOU to the HASHGUARDIANS community and all the early supporters around the world.

More info about the HashGuardians universe will follow soon….

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Stay tuned for more exciting news, and thank you for your support!