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HashGuardians Research & Development Lab
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“Take a moment and have a look around my first art exhibit!  I have finally found an outlet for my artistic genius through the creation of Singularity Art.

Each unique piece is formed by sending a subject test pilot through the edge of a black hole in one my Hyperion Drives.  As the drive enters the event horizon, Hawking radiation is released and captured on the very fabric of spacetime! 

Do you have what it takes to survive the trip & see yourself immortalized in my amazing Singularity Art?!

Singularity Art is reserved for active members of my HashGuardians community. Once you have gathered enough Quanta to afford a Hyperion Drive, you will gain access to my brand new Mavericks program below.”

– Professor Hash   


Professor Hash Stuns The Universe....Again

In a shocking turn of events, Professor Hash has recently reinvigorated his career in a way no one saw coming: fine art.  Facing a slow decline in popularity after the Ragnar debacle, many felt him to be better relegated to the dusty isles of the Interstellar Library than occupying a place in the public eye.

The surreal content of his otherworldly paintings seem to twist the very fabric of reality itself.  Based upon a very technical process that somehow captures the Hawking radiation from artificial singularities, no other artist has been able to produce such awe inspiring results.  One thing is for certain: socialites across the galaxy are lining up for their chance to get a trip on a Hyperion Drive.  

When asked about this sudden shift in research focus, one lab insider said Professor Hash has recently spoken of a deep resentment towards his mother for forcing him away from an earlier career in art. It should be noted that this claim could not be verified by the author.  When contacted for comment, the comm node for Mrs. Hash did not respond.  

At the time of writing, Professor Hash is only accepting Quanta in payment for his art. 

Article Submitted by Ben McCurdy 

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4) Complete Hyperion Drive Training
5) Submit Your Flight Plan

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